Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about BXB Wolsingham Ltd’s proposals? Find some answers in our Frequently Asked Questions.

BXB Wolsingham wishes to regenerate a redundant, 14-acre former steel works site in Wolsingham and bring it back to productive use for the community.

The site has a number of potential uses: new homes, new business premises and possibly some leisure uses. All options are on the table whilst we consult with Durham County Council and with local people. The cost of remediating the site (that is, removing any contaminated land and soil from its former use) will have a bearing on the viability of certain uses.

The site has largely gone to seed, with areas of hard-standing remaining. There is an old engine depot next to the site which used to serve the steel works. The site’s borders have been well-maintained but there is no denying it’s obvious dereliction.

Once discussions are concluded with all stakeholders a planning application in line with national and local policies will be submitted for the site’s re-use. The nature and scope of the final scheme will determine who may wish to develop the scheme and an open-market bidding process will be undertaken to find a suitable partner to build-out the project.

We will work closely with Durham County Council’s highways officers to design suitable means of ingress and egress to the site in line with current policies.

As a former industrial site, it received large volumes of traffic throughout its life and the existing road network handled this satisfactorily. We would expect this to remain the case.

We have a team of expert environmental consultants advising us and will submit a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment as part of our planning submission.

This will address how any final proposals meet our statutory obligations.

Construction, particularly house-building, requires large amounts of skilled labour and utilises local supply chains for efficiency and speed. Any development of the site can be expected to create jobs and supply opportunities for County Durham.

The ultimate choice of suppliers will lie with whomever develops out the scheme, of course.

The development is likely to lead to an increase in the number of people living and/or working in Wolsingham, creating income for local shops and service providers. This additional spend can create new opportunities, too. Research tells us that occupiers of new homes spend around £5,000 per house on ‘first occupation’ costs to make a house ‘feel like a home’ and a proportion of this can be expected to be spent locally.


We’re committed to consulting with you and your representatives every step of the way as our plans unfold. This is your community and we will do our very best to add value to it.

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