The Site

Wolsingham Ironworks was founded in 1864 and was a major employer in the area for a century and a half. The site produced high grade steel for ship building and munitions, using the very finest Weardale ore.

The site declined from the mid-eighties onwards and finally closed 11 years ago. The buildings on site were demolished in 2008 and the site has lain derelict and untreated since.

There are 14 acres of land with potential for redevelopment, and the site is located within the settlement boundary of Wolsingham.

Due to the historic manufacturing techniques and demolition undertaken, all the buildings’ foundations are insitu and its likely the ground conditions will require treatment to ensure it satisfies current environmental regulations. Delivering a clean site to the required standards is our main challenge as it is key to the viability of any future development.

Aerial Tour

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